AC Sabre v1.1 Adds Audiobus 3, AC Central v1.0 Released for iPad
03 Apr 2017

AC Sabre v1.1 Adds Audiobus 3, AC Central v1.0 Released for iPad

03 Apr 2017

[London, UK] Air Craft Media Ltd announces a major update to the AC Sabre Motion MIDI Instrument, with features including support for Audiobus 3. They also announce the release of their new iPad app, AC Central, a zeroconfiguration Bluetooth connection hub for remote iPhone/iPods/iPads running AC Sabre and other MIDI apps and hardware. In addition, AC Sabre will also be on sale, 50% off for one week, through Sunday 9th April.

AC Sabre v1.1 adds several major features…

  • Audiobus 3 support as MIDI Input device
  • Automatic Bluetooth advertising (no more tedious steps enable it)
  • Zero-tap, auto-connection to iPad via new free AC Central app
  • Audiobus preset saving both locally (same device running AC Sabre & Audiobus) and to iPad (AC Sabre on iPhone connected to iPad running Audiobus) via AC Central
  • Hands Free Mode now works when AC Sabre is in background

AC Central is a new free iPad that auto-detects and auto-connects to remotely running iPhone/iPods running AC Sabre and other Bluetooth MIDI devices. AC Central takes the hassle out of getting connected to your favourite synthesizers, samples and other sound machines. It also features full Audiobus 3 support including “State Saving” so you can save and recall your complex multi-app setups and MIDI mappings with the touch of a button…

AC Central features…

  • Zero-config, auto-connects to AC Sabre and compatible Bluetooth LE midi hardware
  • Full Audiobus 3 support
  • AB3 State Saving of settings from local synths’ and remotely connected AC Sabre’s * Multiple inputs and outputs
  • Works with built-in CoreMIDI if you don’t have Audiobus 3

AC Sabre v1.1  out now on the app store »

AC Central v1.0 out now on the app store »


More about AC Sabre

AC Sabre is a revolutionary new music composition app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices that allow electronic music artists and composers to push the boundaries of their craft. The app uses the device’s built-in gyroscope and accelerometer, and translates movements into musical actions allowing performers to control their music intuitively with their movements. Composers can make use of the app to create distinctive hooks that go beyond the normal MIDI keyboard, conduct automation in realtime, and add sophisticated musical elements without the need for long years of theory and training. DJs and performers can play electronic instruments without the need to stay shackled to their gear, adding spontaneity to their live performances. The app makes it easy for artists to infuse their performances with their own signature attitude and style.

AC Sabre excels over other Multi-dimensional, Polyphonic, Expression (MPE) controllers such as the ROLI Seaboard and MiMu gloves by providing instant setup and a sophisticated musical palette that doesn’t require traditional instrument skills. Musicians of all levels can be up and performing immediately without the typically long learning curve of traditional instruments. With AC Sabre, notes are triggered via invisible strings that can literally be “plucked” in mid-air, while gestural motions control up to 7 additional parameters via MIDI CC messages. This combination results in a level of nuance and expression not achievable by the current tools of studio and stage.

AC Sabre’s rich musical features include: * Scale-synced, velocity sensitive note play * Harmonies, trills, arpeggios * Gesture-based vibrato * Polyphonic Aftertouch * Over 150 musical scales * Note shift (for playing out-of-scale notes) * Circle of Fourths/Fifths key changes * Note range and octave shift * Legato and Portamento modes * Note-clamping pitchbend * A Drone for sustain and guitar tapping-style effects

The app offers powerful expressive control, with six assignable motion controls. Pitch, roll & yaw angels, play intensity, configurable touch ribbons, a configurable user button, as well as vibrato on shake are all available. It’s 150+ musical scales include major, minor and pentatonics, jazz modes, exotic scales such as Bebop Dominant, Octonic, Nine-tone scale, arpeggio scales, bassline scales, and a large selection of Indian raag scales.

AC Sabre is honed for professional use: * Low latency (<10ms), 50m+ range via Wi-Fi * QuickPanels allow realtime access to most common parameters * Save/load/export configuration Patches * Wi-Fi/Bluetooth support & Bonjour auto-detect * Supports multiple devices running AC Sabre as separate MIDI inputs into your DAW * MIDI Learn wizard for quick CC assignment * MIDI channel selector for playing multiple instruments

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