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AC Sabre v1.2 Released with MPE MIDI Support & “Apex of Air Guitar” Video

Air Craft Media Ltd announces update v1.2.0 to the AC Sabre Motion MIDI Instrument, with support for the new MIDI MPE extension (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression) allowing a whole new level of physical-realistic expressiveness in performance and sound design with apps such as Moog Model 15. AC Sabre showcases MPE and other features in a new video with WizdomMusic’s GeoShred Guitar Synth app: “The Apex of Air Guitar”. Finally, AC Sabre will be 50% off until 11 December.


Meanwhile check out the new demo video…

AC Sabre v1.1 Adds Audiobus 3, AC Central v1.0 Released for iPad

[London, UK] Air Craft Media Ltd announces a major update to the AC Sabre Motion MIDI Instrument, with features including support for Audiobus 3. They also announce the release of their new iPad app, AC Central, a zeroconfiguration Bluetooth connection hub for remote iPhone/iPods/iPads running AC Sabre and other MIDI apps and hardware. In addition, AC Sabre will also be on sale, 50% off for one week, through Sunday 9th April.

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