AC Sabre

Musical Instrument, Evolved

It’s great for controlling fat,
nasty bass patches...

– Beta Tester

Your MIDI Controllers are Boring

While sound technology has advanced leaps and bounds, the tools we use for composition and performance haven’t changed in 30 years. Buttons, knobs, and faders – handy for tweaking but linear and lifeless for performance and riff-making. AC Sabre is a MIDI controller revolution. Experience a whole new dimension to your sound library that will have you giddy like the first time all over again.

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Powerful Interface

The elegant multi-touch interface is intuitive at first touch, with depth on-demand. Immediate proficiency, but with the potential for virtuosity...

Intuitive, with Precision

Intuitive control of multiple parameters simultaneously with your movements. No gimmicks, or interpretative ‘magic’. Like all true instruments, what you intend is what you hear...

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Music, Mastered

Arpeggios, harmonies, trills, vibrato, modal key changes, 200+ scales, portamento & legato…A maestro’s palette at your command.

And a little extra

Configurable touch ribbons and button, motion-mapping, note-locked pitchbending, polyphonic aftertouch, and...The Drone.

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This app is quite unlike any of the other MIDI controllers... It's great to see developers come up with what are essentially new instruments using the full range of touch and sensor capabilities

– Apptronica