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AC Sabre v1.1 Update: Audiobus 3 Support and More

Air Craft is pleased to announce the latest update, v1.1 to AC Sabre Motion MIDI Instrument. We’ve made added several major features in this release…

  • Audiobus 3 support as MIDI Input device
  • Automatic Bluetooth advertising (no more tedious steps enable it)
  • Zero-tap, auto-connection to iPad via new free AC Central app! Download it for on your iPad »
  • Audiobus preset saving both locally (same device running AC Sabre & Audiobus) and to iPad (AC Sabre on iPhone connected to iPad running Audiobus) via AC Central
  • Hands Free Mode now works when AC Sabre is in background.
  • A few bits of housecleaning…

AC Sabre v1.1.0  out now on the app store »



Why We Need New Musical Instruments

Real Instruments Are Expressive

On a guitar, you can play the same note a hundred different ways. You can tell that it’s Jimi Hendrix or Eddie Van Halen just after a couple notes. Every guitarist vibratos their notes, but BB King is famous for his vibrato. This is possible because a guitar, like most physical instruments has potential for rich dynamic expression.

And this expression is connected to your energy. If you want to make your sound have more “attitude”, you just play with more attitude. If you want a softer tone, you simply play more gently. You don’t say “I want more attitude so I’ll add high frequency content by increasing the velocity of my pick attack by 30%”.  This is precisely what you have to do with the current tools for playing electronic instruments. This thought process creates hesitation which disconnects you from your creative flow.

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