Ableton Dark Bass Wobblers Soundpack (Free Download)
07 Sep 2016

Ableton Dark Bass Wobblers Soundpack (Free Download)

07 Sep 2016

4 dark basses, suitable for dubstep, trap, grime, and similar genres built on Ableton’s Operator and tweaked for control with the AC Sabre (optional).

Each has the Shake motion assigned to a filter “wobble” and various other effects augmented by the Pitch and Roll axes.

The 4 instruments are armed and set to listen only to MIDI Channels 1-4. Use AC Sabre’s MIDI Channel selector in the right QuickPanel to change between them.

The demo project has the controls pre-mapped to the MIDI CCs used by the AC Sabre patch. If you use these instruments in another project, you’ll have to re-map these controls. See Motion Controls in the manual.

It’s totally possible to use these Bass Wobblers without the AC Sabre (though you’d be seriously missing out!).

Free Downloads

AC Sabre Dark Wobbler (3.9 MB)

Wonky Basses AC Sabre Patch (left & right handed).zip (3.8 KB)
(Download, unzip and email or Air Drop the appropriate file to your device)

Learn more about the AC Sabre on the iTunes Store »


Big up to for their free Operator presets which served as a starting point for a couple of the basses. Ableton of course for their Operator synth and general music production grooviness…

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