The Bloom

The Bloom


The Bloom is a panel of buttons each of which enables a different musical “articulation”. These includes techniques like playing harmonies, trills, skipping beams, key shifts and more. The Bloom controls the kind of musical operations to which a performer would want access to in realtime – even in the middle of a riff. When you activate a button in the Bloom, the Marquee at the top of the screen briefly displays an abbreviated name of the articulation activated.


The articulations of the Bloom are fixed however several sets, each tailored to specific performance styles, are quickly available via the control in the bottom QuickPanel.


For most of the Bloom articulations, the first touch (i.e. when no other buttons are held down), the beam centremost on the screen is triggered. Afterwards the articulations will apply when notes are “plucked” by moving the device (see Beams & Notes).

Before it’s sent out as MIDI, triggered beams/notes are processed through the engaged articulations. You may also combine articulations by pressing multiple buttons simultaneously.  For example, if you trigger the beam corresponding to note, C4 while you are engaging the Harmony +3rd, and Harmony +Octave articulations, the Sabre will output MIDI notes, C4, E4, C5, E5 (all simultaneously).