Corner Buttons

Corner Buttons


Octave Controls

Generally the full set of Beams will only cover a portion of the full scale of notes allowed by MIDI. The top Corner Buttons allow you to shift this coverage up or down an octave at a time, up until the min/max allowed MIDI note that’s in the current scale.

Legato Mode

The bottom left Corner Button controls Legato Mode.  When activated the last note triggered will continue to play even when you lift your thumb from the Bloom. It will continue to play until another note is triggered or until you disengage the Legato Mode button. (Learn more about how note sustain works in AC Sabre)

QUICK TIP: Use  Legato Mode to allow you to sustain a note without holding your thumb down on the Bloom. This frees you to augment effects mapped to the Motion Controls without triggering additional notes.  Also use Legato Mode to allow slower, more complex melodies which skip notes.


The bottom right Corner Button controls Portamento Mode. Portamento is the effect supported by some synthesizers where when you play one note and then a second note prior to ending the first note, instead of jumping to the second note immediately, it creates a pitchbend slide from the first to the second note.

This make this possible, the first and second notes need a bit of overlap and this is what engaging Portamento Note in AC Sabre does. For a supporting synth patch, engage Portamento Mode for smooth bendy note transitions and disengage it for a more staccato feel. For synth patches which don’t support it, this mode has no effect. (Learn more about how note sustain works in AC Sabre)

Drone Shift

When notes are locked into the Drone, the bottom Corner Buttons flip over to reveal up/down controls. These then serve to shift the notes sustaining in the Drone up and down along the currently active scale. See the Drone section for more details…