Key/Scales Screen

Key/Scales Screen

The AC Sabre contains over 200 musical scales from around the world. You access the complete list via taping the “Scales” button in QuickPanel 1.


Musical Key

Choose the letter of the key signature by touching or dragging in the widget at the top of the view. Drag between letters to access the flat versions of notes.

Scale Categories

Scales are grouped into categories based on their type. Tap/swipe to change the category and corresponding scales in the list:

Basic – Major/minor and pentatonics, chromatic scale
Modal – Common jazz modes of the major scale
Jazz Exotic – More exotic jazz scales and music theory specimens
World – A selection of scales of cultures from around the world including Egyptian, Chinese, Jewish, Hawaiian, Arabian
Arpeggio –  Scales of notes in common chords, sometimes spanning multiple octaves
Bass Scales – Notes in common basslines
North Indian – The Thaats from the North Indian raag tradition plus some common raag scales
South Indian – Raag scales from the South Indian tradition


QuickScales allows you create a palette of scales amongst which you can quickly toggle using the control on the QuickPanel. These scales are also saved with the Patch. To add a scale to the QuickScales, tap the blue star to the right of the entry. Tap again to remove the scale from QuickScales.

The Current Scale

When you tap a scale’s entry (as opposed to the blue QuickScales star), it will highlight and become the current scale represented by the beams and as is included in the QuickPanel control (even if it has not  been added to the QuickScales).


Enabling Preview causes a sequence of MIDI notes to be triggered in the current key and scale. This allows you to get the flavour of the currently highlighted key/scale.