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AC Sabre v1.1 Update: Audiobus 3 Support and More

Air Craft is pleased to announce the latest update, v1.1 to AC Sabre Motion MIDI Instrument. We’ve made added several major features in this release…

  • Audiobus 3 support as MIDI Input device
  • Automatic Bluetooth advertising (no more tedious steps enable it)
  • Zero-tap, auto-connection to iPad via new free AC Central app! Download it for on your iPad »
  • Audiobus preset saving both locally (same device running AC Sabre & Audiobus) and to iPad (AC Sabre on iPhone connected to iPad running Audiobus) via AC Central
  • Hands Free Mode now works when AC Sabre is in background.
  • A few bits of housecleaning…

AC Sabre v1.1.0  out now on the app store »